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Amber Lynn Collection
This collection contains over 100 sizzling minutes of the hottest moments of Amber's porn career. She is one of the sexiest stars of the 1980's, which helped to thrust her into the AVN HALL OF FAME. Starring John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Karen Summer, Gina Carrera and Sharon Kane.

All About Sharon Kane
Throughout the 80's and 90's, Sharon Kane has been in hundreds of adult features, making her one of the all time favorite blondes in the adult biz. This DVD is a collection of her hottest on screen moments. Starring Amber Lynn, Joey Silvera, Buck Adams and George Payne.

Pink Clam
Nancy and Paula own a house in Brooklyn. The girls get a visit from Nancy’s cousin, Antonia, and the delicate balance of the household is thrown into a new unsettling sexual fervor. Lots of hot sex, lesbians and orgies. The place to get a mouthful! Starring Siobhan Hunter, Annette Heinz, Vana Paymore, Nina Preta.

Come on a sensual odyssey that burns through five decades. In the 40’s it was the War Effort, Glenn Miller, and Maxine. In the 50’s it was Milton Berle, Rock n’ Roll, and the very wild Clara. The 60’s brought you sit-ins, the Beatles,and Ellen and Sarah. The 70’s was the gas shortages, bi-sexuality, and women like Sam and Gwen. Starring Merle Michaels and Samantha Fox.

campus girls
Tina Russell, the true first lady of New York adult films in the pre-"Deep Throat" days who never achieved the fame of later "porno-chic" actresses, stars with Marc Stevens, remembering their college days with affection. Hint: there wasn't much time for studying the classics (unless you believe that Fellatio was a Greek philosopher).